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Learn to create personalized systems to help manage your paper clutter

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These courses teach you how to create personalized systems so that you can process, organize, and manage paper, instead of  letting the paper manage you. You will learn how to become proactive vs reactionary in your paper management.

Being able to retrieve a specific document quickly and easily gives you confidence, reduces your stress, and eliminates the anxiety created by frantically searching for a piece of paper. Are you ready to begin reducing the clutter in your home and achieve the peace of mind you’ve always desired? Enroll today!

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Terina Bainter
Terina M. Bainter
Certified Professional Organizer
Certified Organizer Coach
Associate Certified Coach

By the time I was nine years old, I regularly took my tape measure to my room, devising schemes to organize its contents in an arrangement maximizing accessibility, convenience, and space. I fall into the tiny percentage of people born with a natural affinity for organization.

The journey of Professional Organizing has lead me to a fulfilling career of helping others reach their potential. I stand out as one of the few organizers who have earned the credential of Certified Professional Organizer® (less than 10% of organizers have attained their CPO). Since I started my business in 2012, I have been saving clients money through clever decluttering methods and paper organization.

Ultimately, my goal is to enhance your life by reducing the anxiety, wasted time, and expense of your cluttered environment.

Let’s create the home you deserve!

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