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Grab Your Emergency Document Checklist Today!

Download these Emergency Document Checklists so you or your loved one can gather all your important papers just in case you needed to leave your home in a hurry. Having these papers collected and easy to grab gives you the starting point to rebuild your identity and financial life if the worse were to happen. This download gives you access to both the full EDC or the young adults EDC. Use the one that fits your needs today!

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Create Your Own Emergency Document Kit

Once you download the free PDF, you’ll want to create your own Emergency Document Kit! View the Amazon checklist and choose one item from each category that fit your needs. Three different items are listed for your convenience, just choose one. Click on each photo to see the different items.


The first thing you’ll need is a fire-proof container storing all of your documents. This will keep your documents safe, organized, and convenient. If you need to leave the house in a hurry, it is a grab and go shoulder kit. All bags chosen have a carry strap so your hands are free to grab a loved one, pet, or special item. 


Use fireproof bags to store small items in that fits right into your large fireproof case. Great for jewelry, passports, USB drives, or other small items you want protected.


Use expandable folders to create a complete packet for everyone in your home then place it in your fireproof container. You’ll want one for the originals and two more for copies that you give to people you trust. You can choose either a 13 or 25 divider option, depending on your needs. The 13 folder option is perfect for young adults just stating out!


This password book stores up to 330 passwords in the event that you forget or need to access your accounts on a different computer or laptop then you normally use. Another option is to use LastPass, a online password manager that makes online browsing more secure. Click here to sign up for free!


A USD drive will allow you to scan and store digital copies of your documents in a secure location in the event you lose or can’t access physical copies. Choose a 32GB drive for a smaller option or 128GB for more space. Choose whatever size you need – you will normally need larger than you think!