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Take control of your paper chaos.

Take control of your paper chaos.

We Teach Personalized Paper Systems

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Sort, Process, and File your paperwork with our courses

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Keep motivated with our Support and Accountability Groups

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Feel confident knowing you are on top of all your paperwork!

Ready to ditch the paper overwhelm?

Paper management affects EVERYTHING!

From low credit scores to high interest rates, to missing deadlines (like the dreaded April 15th tax return) and late fees, just to name a few! All of these events cause us financial, emotional, and physical stress.

If you are tired of the stress, overwhelm, and fatigue of mismanaged papers, then these courses and support group options are for YOU!  You will be amazed at how much calmer you will feel when you set up your personalized paper system. Learn to manage your paper clutter so that you are in control, instead of the paper clutter controlling you.

Free Mini-Course

Too Much Mail? Want To Burn It All?

This free mini-course will teach you how to create a sorting area for the mail in your home, so that you can start editing your papers the minute you receive them! 

You will learn what to include in your sorting area, where to build it, what papers to keep and what to get rid of, and other tips to sort your mail and keep your papers from piling up! Enroll today to get access to the free video and 5-page PDF!

Online Courses

In-Box System Mini-Course

This mini-course will teach you how to stay on top of your papers by creating an in-box system to organize all of those active papers that you still need to do something with after sorting your mail. 

Learn the step-by-step process of creating an in-box with a 25 minute pre-recorded video and supporting 6-page PDF. We cover suggested organizing products, what type of in-box to use, how to label and categorize your papers, and lots of other tips to get you organized! 

When you purchase this mini-course, you’ll also receive an invitation to join my Live Support and Accountability Classes, where I support you in your paper organizing journey with a group of like-minded individuals ready to reach their paper organizing goals!

paper processing
paper filing course

Paper Filing Course

This course teaches you to create personalized systems so that you can process, organize, and manage your papers, instead of letting your papers manage you! You will learn how to shift from reactive to proactive paper management!

Being able to retrieve specific documents quickly and easily gives you confidence, reduces stress, and eliminates the anxiety created by frantic searching (we’ve all been there!)

Are you ready to reduce the clutter in your home and achieve the peace of mind you’ve always desired? Enroll today!

Support and Accountability Group Classes (Live)

A safe and non-judgmental group where you can set aside one hour each week to work on your paper organizing goals and share your progress! This small group setting gives you the opportunity to work on your paper tasks each week while having a professional there to guide and encourage you with suggestions, tips, and recommendations. 

support group

One Year to Paper Organization:
12-Month Proactive Calendar

Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of getting organized? Do you dread tax season? Do you feel stressed during the holidays?

Get organized one month at a time with the 12-Month Proactive Calendar! This calendar assigns you one organizational task per month, with action items, checklists, and tips to support you along the way. By the end of the year, you will be more organized and less stressed!

When you purchase this calendar, you will receive two downloadable PDFs – a color version and a printer-friendly version – so that you can choose which option best suits your needs. This calendar is divided by months so you can start it whenever you want and keep it as a reference year after year!

Get ready to begin a year of paper organization and reduce the overwhelm that paper clutter brings to your home!

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Sign up for the course and join one of the accountability and support groups offered today! Start reducing your stress and increasing your confidence, while gaining the freedom to host your friends and family at your clean dining room table (goodbye, piles of junk mail!).

I am here to support you and guide you through your journey to LESS stress and MORE paper organization. My goal is to help you create the financial stability, security, and calm you want, and the legacy you desire!